Unforgotten (2015 – ) [Season 2 Review]

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Rating: 4/5

Number of episodes : 6

I had watched the first season of this show when it aired in 2015. My memory isn’t very great to review that season now but I remember the story being very gripping. There was a huge hype around the show as well, especially for its very tight knitted plot. I forgot about the show and didn’t really follow it up to know if there was a second season. I was really surprised when I found the show on its second season and was about to end too. Without a do, I watched all the 6 episodes and wasn’t disappointed the least.

Unforgotten primarily focuses on a cold case, an unclosed case which surfaces after decades. DCI Cassie Stuart (Nicola Walker) and DI Sunil (Sunny) Khan (Sanjeev Bhaskar) play the lead detectives with a handful of junior detectives assisting them. The entire procedure is by the book. There are no hi-fi or sci-fi techniques used. It’s all leg work and phone work. Cassie and Sunny aren’t the glamourous or macho kind of leads we usually see in today’s crime shows. They are normal people, who go to work and have a family back home. Both in their mid or late 40s I suppose, they have a great working equation. Cassie is senior to Sunny, but that doesn’t really matter when they solve these cases. This detective duo has high respect for each other. Both the actors do complete justice to their characters though I do feel they can bring in more to their characters.

Coming to this season’s story- A suitcase containing the remains of a body is pulled up from a river. With no DNA evidence left, Cassie and Sunny identify the body to be David Walker using the watch found with the body. David Walker, a man in his 40s, went missing in 1991. Cassie and Sunny reach out to David’s then wife Tessa who herself is a cop. They realize Tessa wasn’t being completely honest about her deceased husband. Further investigations using the old case files lead the team to three suspects- Sarah (A teacher), Colin (A lawyer) and Marion (A Nurse). David is connected to any one of these suspects or all the three in some way but how? All the three suspects have a secret past which is unraveled slowly. A case of abuse immerges with David been abused badly in his childhood. Did the abuser come back to kill David? Why was David Walker killed?

*Spoilers- Skip this paragraph if you don’t want to know the whole story*

The first two episodes are completely spent in establishing the lives of all the suspects, letting the viewers understand the characters so that they can form their own theories. Sarah, a muslim teacher is a mother of three. She and her husband share a very strong and lovely bond. But the investigations reveal her past when she worked as a prostitute in her early days, the time she came in contact with David. This truth, when shared with her husband, shatters their relationship for a while. Did David abuse Sarah to the extent that she killed him? Colin, a lawyer, is married to Simon, and the couple are at the verge of adopting a little girl. When this case comes up, Colin is highly troubled. Before being a lawyer, he was a banker and a rape case was slammed on him resulting in him leaving the bank. Also, Colin and David were seen at a party together, all those years back, concluding they knew each other. Did David have a hand on Colin’s rape case? Did Colin kill him for that? Marion, a nurse, had always had a troubled relationship with her mother, sister and husband. The family had never been able to figure out the reason. During the time of David’s death, the detectives find out that David was at Marion’s house. What happened between Marion and David? Did Marion kill David? Sarah and Colin have strong alibis for David’s murder. Marion has no motive. Cassie and Sunny are perplexed unable to find the connection. That’s when it strikes Cassie. From a witness, she gets to know that Sarah was at a party with David and was always badly abused. Immediately, she digs into the past of Marion and Colin and that’s when she finds out, Marion was abused by her own father and Colin by his sports coach, both abusers dead, both committed suicide. Each of the three suspects has a strong alibi for the murder they would be suspected of. Sarah for David, Marion for her father and Colin for the sports coach. And hence, they committed each other’s murders. Marion- David. Colin- Marion’s father. Sarah- Colin’s coach. Sarah, Marion and Colin met at a rehabilitation center where got to know each other, where they planned their revenge. Now, Cassie and Sunny have to decide what to do with the truth. Should they stand by justice to the victims? Who is the victim here?

*No Spoilers from here on*

We also get to see short tracks on Cassie’s father and Sunny’s struggle in managing his teenage daughters. A short friction of ideas pop up between Cassie and Sunny too, which is usually very rare. It is wonderfully dealt by both. Apart from Cassie and Sunny, their entire team does an incredible job. It’s a perfect team work.

I always love watching miniseries. It’s a complete package. You get a very good story with amazing characters, with equal measures of all emotions. The last episode was my personal favorite. It was a perfect ending. A small disappointment was the first two episodes were a little too slow. There was barely any action then. Perhaps I felt it because I was binge-watching it.

There are no action scenes or racing car chase sequences in this show. It’s proper investigation and the cold case factor adds a lot of thrill and chill. Highly recommended for people who love stories that unravel slowly.


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