Paranoid (2016) [Review]

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Rating: 1.5/5

With the yearend 2016, it was time for every entertainment website to come up with their pick of the best shows of 2016. I was really proud to find that I had nearly watched all the best shows listed. There were a few left and I decided it was time I tick them off my list too. There were several interesting shows whose plot captured my attention. One of it was Paranoid. I was really eager to watch a police procedural, more so, which involved a team working together. I missed Cop teams like the ones in Castle or The Blacklist. Reading that this show had a team involved, I plunged into it without any second thought.

This 8 part series is set in a small town of Woodsmere. Very picturesque. A young doctor mother, Angela Benton, is killed in plain sight in a playground by a hooded man. The police team- Nina, Alec and Bobby are assigned the case as they try to figure out who the hooded man is and what’s the motive to kill the doctor. The hooded man is guessed to be Jacob but he is subsequently found dead too. The team receives anonymous tips from someone who had visited all the witnesses impersonating as Detective Gaylan. The team decides to call this anonymous detective as Ghost Detective. Following the Ghost Detective’s tip offs leads them to more clues. Further investigation links the case to Germany where the husband of Angela Benton is found dead. Bobby travels to Germany and works with the German Police- Linda and her team. One clue leads to another and suspicion falls on a pharmaceutical company. Evidences are sought to prove the charges.

I immediately associated the word Paranoid to a lot of suspense and thrilling moments. But that isn’t the case. The investigation is straight and simple. It is the characters and their anxiety which constitutes the title. Nina is anxious to have a baby. She is short tempered and blurts out insensitive comments. Outcome- she is really irritating. Alec is a calm and composed guy (sometimes behaving really weird) who is in search of the love of his life. Bobby, on the other hand, has panic attacks and is under medication. He is a loner. He loses grip over himself and gets nervous at any time. He finds solace in talking to Lucy, the main witness to Angela’s murder. These three cops stay as individuals, they are never a team. Everyone is scared of something, is paranoid of something which hinders their lives. That’s Paranoid. Hence, the main case loses track most of the time. It begins well but drags along. I assumed a lot of portions to fit the missing pieces at the end.

The actors are average. I have seen lots of work of Robert Glenister but most of them have been episodic. I was really excited to see him play a major role. Sadly, the character has no great potential and he looks too dull and tired playing it. The rest of the cast gives a very average performance too.

This show didn’t live up to my expectations and I still wonder how it made to the list of best shows in 2016. I get filled with so much anger thinking about the show, maybe I am just being paranoid about it.



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    guptasaab said:
    January 7, 2017 at 4:12 am

    LOL at ur last sentence about being paranoid!

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