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Rating: 4/5

Published: 2015

This book has one of the best taglines/synopsis I have read in recent times.

“Imagine if the next thriller you opened was all about you.”

This was more than enough for me to grab this exciting thriller. Disclaimer is a psychological thriller written by debutante Renee Knight. I have always had problems understanding the term “psychological thriller”. I get the meaning but never really witnessed it getting converted on the book. Disclaimer has made me realise what psychological thriller exactly means. I have read many books this year, but this one is definitely on my top 5. I am glad I picked this book.

Catherine Ravenscroft is perplexed. An incident in her life which she had hidden deep within herself, which she had considered a dark secret, something unknown to anyone, is the exact premise of the book she is reading currently. “The Perfect Stranger”. She is the central character of the book and the author’s only intention is to destroy her completely. Scared that someone has learned her secret, even more scared what if her family gets to know, she begins to investigate the identity of the author.

Stephen Brigstocke is the author of the book. With his teenage son and his writer wife dead, he leads a lonely life. One day, while cleaning up his wife’s workplace he comes across a script she had written and a bunch of photographs which sends him to still shock. His entire world comes down when he finds out a dark truth about his son and his death. His wife, Nancy, had known it but hid it from him. She might be dead but the truth isn’t. He determines to take revenge on the person responsible for the death of his son, Catherine Ravenscroft.

Disclaimer beautifully juggles between the thoughts of Catherine and Stephen. Both their accounts of the incident are so sincere that we believe both of them. The story shifts between Summer 2013 and Summer 1993. Both the characters believe in their versions that it’s very difficult to decide who is lying and who is speaking the truth. Our emotions run from sympathy to disgust for all the characters throughout the book. The author has placed the turning points in the right places messing our theory process. The supporting characters- Robert as Catherine’s supportive husband and Nick as her troubled son add more diverse colours to the story. Stephen’s way of getting at Catherine is vicious but it shows the agony of a father. Catherine’s helpless and anxiety is justifiable as she wants to save her family and her own name. This is one of those books with a very satisfying end.

Disclaimer is a must read for psychological thriller lovers. This book definitely played with my psychology. Highly recommended.


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