The Legend of Lakshmi Prasad

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Rating: 2/5

Published: 2016

Twinkle Khanna’s first book, Mrs Funnybones, was a refreshing read. It had a wonderful sense of humour mixed with the right amount of sarcasm making it a perfect mixture for a delightful read. When I got to know that Twinkle Khanna is coming up with her next book, I was really excited. I had huge expectations but the book ended up being a huge disappointment.

The Legend of Lakshmi Prasad is nothing like Mrs Funnybones. I am not talking about the genre here. Yes, this book belongs to a completely different genre and it’s not fair to expect humour and sarcasm in every work of his author. Any author would want to experiment and this book is completely different from Mrs Funnybones. This book is a collection of four short stories, all stories in some way or the other talking about women, women empowerment, women’s equality and women’s rights. The heart of the stories is in the right place but the narration isn’t engaging enough. The first two stories are interesting enough compared to the last two ones. As a whole, the book doesn’t live up.

  1. The Legend of Lakshmi Prasad- This story is about a unique village which celebrates the birth of girl child. Wow! What brought about this uniqueness? Who was responsible? Lakshmi Prasad. This story really sets the book for a good read. But when the story ended like in 30 pages, I was really surprised. That was when it dawned that the book wasn’t completely about Lakshmi Prasad and that the other stories were stand alone. I really wished to read more into this story rather than the others.
  2. Salaam, Noni Appa- This story was really refreshing and engaging. It’s about Noni Appa, a widow in her 60’s and her lonely life. It’s about how society looks at the widow and how they are succumbed to lead their lives alone. Noni Appa really enjoys the time she spends with Anand, her yoga tutor, but isn’t sure about her feelings. She is in fact ashamed of her feelings and fears how the society would see her. I really liked the concept and how one should be selfish about their happiness and not worry about the society. My pick out of the four stories.
  3. If the Weather Permits- The dip of this book begins with this story. Elisa is a young girl who isn’t able to withstand her marriages. She gets married multiple times but every time, she returns home after issues with her husband. Her parents believe a girl needs a man in her life, a husband in her life, and gets her married to weird fellows. Elisa accepts partly for her parents and partly because she sees it as a challenge. Most of the parents in today’s world do believe a girl always needs a man to lead her life, I get that. But I really didn’t understand Elisa and her actions only frustrated me. The story was very dull and the message got drowned completely.
  4. The Sanitary Man from a Sacred Land- This story is apparently influenced by a true incident. We have Bablu who wants to provide low cost sanitary napkins for his wife after realising he cannot afford the branded ones. He is looked down for his intentions especially when he gets really obsessed with his objective. Every month, he tries a different material and method and wants his wife to try it. Things get out of hand and his family leaves him, but his thirst to achieve his goal doesn’t fade away. His struggle towards his goal makes the rest of the story. This story is the longest of the four. If this had been shorter, it might have been more impactful. Instead of Bablu coming across as an inspiration at the end, he still stood as the obsessed man for me. The transition of image didn’t happen.

The Legend of Lakshmi Prasad results as an average book. It would become a bestseller for sure just as many other books do nowadays because of the author’s popularity and familiarity. It can be a quick read but very easily forgettable.


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