Life in Pieces (2015 – ) Review

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Rating: 4/5

Seasons: 2 (Ongoing)

I am a HUGE fan of FRIENDS. I love it for the beautiful characters and the wonderful emotions they displayed (Sad to use the past tense L) on screen. The lovely bonding, their day to day struggles in life and their determination to overcome every challenge with the support of their loved ones was what made FRIENDS a supremely memorable show. It still rules our hearts even though it ended like 12 years ago. After FRIENDS, I found great difficultly to find another show which held the same emotions. I did watch How I Met Your Mother and quite liked it but not as much as FRIENDS. Just my personal opinion. Anyways…After watching pilots of many comedy shows and rejecting them instantly, I found Life in Pieces really refreshing. The characters are relatable, the jokes are good (not hilarious though) and the packaging is really nice and different.

Life in Pieces – “One Big Family – Four Short Stories” – That’s the tagline. The show is about the Shorts family. Every episode has four stories which are not connected in anyway. I really liked this idea. A small situation is taken and the characters are dropped in to see how they react. There are no continuous story lines of any sort. Let me get into the characters directly as they are what the show is all about. There isn’t any story to talk about LOL

  1. John and Joan Short- The elder couple. Parents of Matt, Heather and Greg. John is a retired Pilot and Joan is a Therapist. They got divorced in 1980 but are still together. They are in a phase of absolutely freedom and enjoyment. All their kids have settled in life and they are in complete peace. John is mischievous and is always up to doing something weird. Joan is more of a disciplinarian and little old fashioned. They do make a fun couple but at times it becomes too clichéd and cringe-worthy, but not always. A scene where Joan consoles Jen during her miscarriage is one of the most heart warming scenes in the show.
  2. Matt Short and Colleen – Matt is the eldest son of John and Joan. He is a graphic designer. Once married, he falls in love with Colleen and resigns his job as their office doesn’t support colleagues dating. Impressed Colleen but… He lives in his parents’ garage and doesn’t have a regular income. Colleen breaks her engagement with Chad, her roommate. Matt and Chad have some funny confrontations but it becomes boring later. Good, Chad leaves after few episodes. Matt and Colleen make a very good matured couple. They are more like life companions. Colleen’s interactions with Matt’s family are very nice. I particularly liked how she gets the family to sing carols when John feels low missing his friends during Christmas.
  3. Heather and Tim Hughes- Heather is John and Joan’s daughter. Home maker. Her life revolves around her family. Tim is a doctor and a fun loving guy, wife fearing too. They have three kids- Tyler (18), Samantha (14 appx) and Sophie (10 appx). Heather and Tim struggles to grow along with their kids. My favourite is Sophie. She is like more matured than her parents. Her questions are so truthful. Heather is one of my favourite characters. She is the go-to person for almost everyone in the show. She can get hyper but that makes things more enjoyable. Her banter with her mother is something to look forward too.
  4. Greg Short and Jen- My favourite couple. New parents. Their stories are always funny and real. Their struggle to handle the baby is hilarious- dividing tasks among themselves, staying awake through the night, fighting who should get up to handle the crying baby etc. These situations and the way they support each other are very good to see. Jen is the daughter-in-law of the house but the bonding between Heather and Jen and how they get together during some fun plans are wonderful. Greg is the softie. He listens to everyone and is a mother’s boy. He is mostly caught between Jen and Joan and his dilemma is so much fun. But at the end of each case- either Jen or Joan give in.

Life in Pieces isn’t completely “clean”. There are some situations which might not be appropriate for a very young audience. Some sequences could be considered crude or insensitive too. But which show doesn’t have the above? It’s impossible to have clean comedy nowadays. Hence, ignoring the portions which I found “unnecessary”, I am really enjoying this show. I love the fact that the family are so together and share all their happy and sad moments. There are some wonderful relationships which win above all the comedy. This show isn’t hilarious. The characters don’t have funny mannerisms or catch lines. The dialogues aren’t witty enough. Yet, this show has very good family moments, interesting situations and stories and fun filled incidents which makes the show very pleasing to watch. The actors are all so good. Not one is weak compared to the other. If the writers could work harder and bring more witty lines and make the show hilarious rather than just fun, the show has a very long way to go. I have read a lot of comparisons made with Modern Family, but since I haven’t watched that show, I can’t comment much.

If you are looking for a family drama but with no intense story lines, this show will fit perfectly.

P.S: First few episodes aren’t impressive but the show gets better after 3 episodes.


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