Remember Me (2014) Review

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Rating: 2/5

Number of episodes: 3

I watched this show few months back but never got around writing a review for it. On the hindsight, I never felt like writing a review for it. This show which hosted wonderful actors, had a potential plot resulted in an utter disappointment.

Remember Me is a British supernatural series which aired in 2014. Starring Michael Palin and Mark Addy in the lead, this three part series puts murder mystery, supernatural element and investigation together in a blender.

Tom Parfitt (Palin), in his 70s, fakes a fall in his house to be put in a care home for the elderly. Strange happenings occur with the result of one of the young worker getting killed under impossible circumstances, the only person present with the worker then is Tom. Hannah, another worker in the home, gets curious and tries to get to the bottom of it. She contacts Rob Fairholme (Mark Addy), the local police officer but he is disinterested in the case. Tom vanishes out of the blue, supernatural happenings occur at Hannah’s home too which pushes her to find more about Tom.  Eventually, she finds out the dark secret from Tom’s past and the reason behind the paranormal activities. Joining hands with Rob, she finally puts an end to everything, also bringing closure to Tom’s helpless life.

When I read the summary of this show, I was really interested and curious. I always love stories which initially hide the dark secrets, letting me to try guessing and then the past is revealed. If the secret concerns history, I am even more eager. Remember Me got me excited for this reason. The first two episodes definitely had loads of chilling moments. The clues were brilliantly written and scattered at the right places. Problem began with the revelation, that’s the last episode. The well guarded secret was, may be a little interesting, but was utterly confusing. It was hard to put all the pieces together and see the big picture. What started as a chilling thriller ended up very pallid at the end. Even the supernatural element, the women behind all the happenings- she was definitely very creepy but you don’t really understand her motive. This back story between the woman and Tom needed a deeper narration to understand the “ghost’s” point of view, but that was seriously lacking. Thumbs up mention to the song/music played during the scene at the end at the lake.

Music and Cinematography was top notch. Acting was above average. It was difficult to picture Mark Addy as someone other than Robert Baratheon.

Remember Me could have been a excellent show if the writers had bettered the last episode. Now, it’s an average show with a poor ending.


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