The Night Circus

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Being a hard core fiction reader, I didn’t want to confine my reading to just crime thrillers. I have read a few non-crime books in the past and hence the story of The Night Circus pulled me into getting the book. I wanted to read something that would transport me into a different world, like…say Harry Potter (Not the right comparison, but still). The Night Circus seemed the perfect choice. Moreover, I absolutely loved its cover- black and scarlet. So did The Night Circus succeed in capturing a crime fiction fan’s attention? As you can see from the rating, I struggled immensely to complete this book.

I thought rating this book would be unfair. I would definitely say that this book wasn’t for me. But that doesn’t mean the book wasn’t good. I felt I wasn’t the right person to judge this book. I felt I didn’t have the mind to comprehend the concept projected in The Night Circus. I had a hard time picturing the author’s vision and that was the most significant part of this book- visualizing the entire Circus setting and delving into the magical world. The book was too slow for my liking. Every chapter jumped from one timeline to another making it very difficult to understand the flow of the story. After few chapters, it struck me that the Date and Year mentioned at the beginning of every chapter is very important to journey with the story. That made things more complex, to remember in which year you are. Before moving on, let me share the basic plot of the book.

It’s about two master magicians who nominate their own candidate for a competition. The nominees have no idea what the competition is, or who their competitor is. They don’t know on what basis they will be judged and what will be the outcome of the competition. The Night Circus is an initiative which brings in both the competitors under one roof, without each other’s knowledge. Will the candidates understand the consequences of the competition? Will they go ahead after knowing what they have been put into? What will happen to The Night Circus? This forms the 500 pages book.

I wouldn’t deny- the book indeed had some very magical moments in the beginning. I was really excited and interested to become a part of this book and go along with the narration. The characters of Prospero and A. H really grabbed my attention. But after a point, it became too tiring and I had to force myself to empathise with all the characters. I wasn’t able to connect to any of them. I also wasn’t able to understand the theories of magic behind The Night Circus.

On the whole, this book wasn’t for me. I put in a whole week for this book and yet I couldn’t mention anything that stood out. I guess I would have to stick to the crime/thriller genre or otherwise be very careful with the kind of book I choose.


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