The Caribbean Mystery

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Rating: 1.5/5

From the day I began my journey reading Agatha Christie’s work, I have felt nothing but awe and admiration for the women. It’s very hard to imagine how that one single mind could weave so many mysteries- each one unique in its own way, each one having a completely different twist. I had started with Hercule Poirot, and read around 10 books in the series, before I read And Then There Were None- one of her standalones. My first Miss Marple is The Caribbean Mystery. Did I find her as interesting as Poirot?

The Caribbean Mystery is about Miss Marple’s holiday at the Caribbean where she encounters a murder (Of course!), followed by a series. There is the usual set of characters, the occupants of a resort kind, the occupants being potential suspects as well. It is based on how conversations could lead to murder, how conversations are the key to solving a murder too. Honestly….I don’t have anything else to write about this book. As much as I can never put down Agatha and her works, it would be lying if I say this work is as good as the rest.

For one, Miss Marple is boring and ordinary, nothing like Poirot. Even if I look at her with a neutral mind, she is still just a plain old lady, with perhaps a fair flair for detection. May be it’s just the case which didn’t have much scope, still, the first impression of Miss Marple is very bad for me taking this mystery into account. The case has nothing new to offer, no interesting clues, no unpredictable twists, no dry humor- may be except for Mr Rafael at certain places, but apart from that nothing! It’s not even picturesque, the setting is too dull and…I can’t point out a single aspect which deserved appreciation. The twist in the end, more or less made me angrier for having invested time in this book.

One of the biggest disappointments of Ms Christie’s work has to be this. I guess I have read most of her best works and hence the rest of them are just not living up to my expectations and standing up to her own standards.


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