I Let You Go

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Rating: 4/5

I Let You Go by Clare Mackintosh is a brilliant psychological thriller with myriad of emotions weaved into an astounding narrative.

Five year old Jacob is killed in a car accident with the driver not stopping at the scene. DI Ray Stevens and his team put all their efforts to bring justice to the boy and his mother. Ridden with guilt, she leaves the town without a trace. One year passes without success and everyone involved decides to move on when finally a breakthrough makes way. The wavering grief and a quivering guilt surfaces again and the past is back to haunt everyone. Is the driver caught? Do the little boy and his mother get justice?

The author efficiently transfers the reader’s emotion towards the lead character- disgust to sympathy to disgust to pity to pride. When I picked up the book, I assumed it to be a straight forward crime thriller. I was surprised to see how the story slowly moved into a different genre. It’s difficult to write anything about the story as it would be a giveaway. Every little character is so important to the story. Every minute detail makes a point at the end.

Jenna Gray comes out as a great inspiration. Her character is beautifully etched. A character full of emotions, the author portrays the internal battle of the emotions magnificently.  I could see every incident being driven by an emotion- either fear or anxiety or even relief. I have seen great books falter just because of the ending. In the hope of ending a book in style, many a times, the book leaves a bad taste at the end even though the story till then is brilliant. A fear definitely seeped in when I neared the end of this book. I was happy and relieved that the author successfully ended this marvellous book. Somehow the author’s note at the end was very apt.

Go for it!


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